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Let a London search engine optimisation design company mange your web site hits to get better web listings. Designed web sites have search word optimisation and management in them. Free SEO (search engine optimisation) audit.

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Search Engine Management Service

SEO/SEM services from £50/month US$80/month

There is no dark art to search engine tuning. There are however around 50 main ways to increase your ranking, quality and accuracy of your visitors.


Addressing your real need

Many companies we work with initially ask us to increase hits to the site. This is the scattergun approach which has some benefit in identifying search anomalies that can be harnessed as part of your overall strategy. It can be good for non specific consumer target markets - everyone, male, female, 19 -90, etc.

There is truth that it is a numbers game. Statistics show us that the more hits you get the more enquiries you will have. The more enquiries, the more conversions. Seems simple.

What if you are British Nuclear Group? You want to educate the public on your services and also sell your services to other countries. Of course SEO for such large companies is integrated as part of a wider marketing push. Anyone who needs a nuclear clean up service will probably be aware of BNG. Here we would use a different strategy.

What if you are selling to the public sector? Again a different strategy is needed. A targeted, tailored strategy that will display information on search engines specific to your search.

There are multiple input variables here. Each has a different weighting and can be applied in a particular way. Sometimes a general set up with annual tweaks will suffice, other times monthly updates and monitoring is required.

What they all have is a common requirement for actioning, measuring and adjusting.

Some elements of search engine management are down to patience. A large factor in newly registered domains is building 'trust' with search engines. They will want to see a steady growth without applying spamming methods. That is why we always recommend new sites are set up with only a basic SEO package. There is little point in investing heavily in page tuning if the engines are not responsive to this for the first few months.


Small Print

There are usually a lot of caveats involved with search optimisation contracts and this is simply because there can be no guarantees. Search engines are 3rd party software. Anyone can come top of a search engine with a phrase, what is more difficult is getting good results with real 2-3 word search phrases; providing results that are acted on and the target content relevant. Google, for example does not rate pages that have high 'bounce rates' as well as pages where the user click through.

What is certain though, if no action is taken, low rankings will generally follow.

This is where the service we provide really makes the difference. There are also other considerations, such as the customer search feedback loop, which ensures your customers search terms are added to the site to make it easier for the next person to find the site using these terms. This is built up from the ongoing analysis and reaction.

There are many other factors involved with search engine management. What about if you are servicing clients abroad - how will they find your site? How do you handle spam sites displaying your content and lowering your sites ranking?


The secret

We are up front about our service, as we mentioned there is no black art, just a lot of options and actions to consider. It's a mixture of our 10+ years experience of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Management) in a continually developing area that gives us the knowledge to help your company.


FREE audit ..

Let us complete a free search engine optimisation audit and provide you with some recommendations. Just enter the search phrases or key words you wish to be found under and we will tell you how to get listed in the top 5.

Please note we are under no obligation to provide a response and this does not constitute any type of service agreement.

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