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About Drawn

Digital Design and Web Development

That's all we do pretty much. Develop digital and online resources and communications for business. Whatever your need we can turn it into a working, designed and programmed solution.

We do it well and have been in business since 2005. At our last count 95% of our customers returned to use for a continued working relationship. We don't know about the other 5%, we are still talking to them and hope they will need to use us in the future!

We are a flexible organisation with fresh ideas about serving business better.


We want to make you look good

Our offering is a nimble, agile design and solution service and we are here to make you look really good, both corporately and personally, and your projects work exactly as you want them.

We are a bit different in that our excellent design (in the true sense of the word - aesthetics are only a small part) comes as standard. We just charge for the time to build it. We know our studio rates are excellent and so we aren't afraid to tell you up front. (just £40/$80 per hour with our standard service contracts). We are also extremely experienced and can complete projects quickly and accurately, so you pay less for a turn-key project. Ask us about a no obligation quote.


Communication specialist

We have communication specialist that can boil your offering down into a succinct message, web designers that will make your site work over all platforms, browser types and versions and web developers to build a living, working applications.


Here it is in short:

  • 10 years web design and development experience.
  • Supplying web solutions to small, medium and large companies means we have all the experience you will need.
  • Drawn is a support service company that provides companies a mechanism to manage digital media on a project basis.
  • We supply digital (offline and online) solutions that enable web sites to utilise technology effectively and usefully.
  • Our solutions are never over-engineered and so we can pass on the cost benefit to your organisation.
  • We can take a top level written or verbal requirement and bring it to life on your existing or new web sites.
  • As we run over 90% of our solutions on our hosting platform and can quickly set applications up for you.


More about us

Here are 10 reasons we think you should use us...
Examples of off the shelf/ tailored applications
Content management system
Online booking systems for conferences or travel
Online form submission with sender receipt
Administration Panels
High score tables for promotional games
Payment gateway integration
Web to SMS communication
Blogs and discussion forums
News Stories
Tag cloud integration
Creative Director
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