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Database enabled web site hosting using Microsoft servers for corporate customers.

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Outsource your web department
Benefits of Outsourcing your Web Development

Many of our clients have effectively out-source their web department to benefit from our highly talented and multi-skilled team.

You even get world class creative added for free!
  • Faster turnaround
  • Save on monthly wage costs
  • Reduce overheads
  • Real individuals doing your work - not a software package that you have to spend time and money getting to know
  • We are located in the UK and US only so there are no language barriers
  • Agree a fixed hourly rate
  • Standardised labeled coding and layout so anyone can take it on at a later date
  • World class information design

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Service Level Agreements
Choose an hourly rate that suits you.
6 Month Rolling Monthly Retainer Hourly
Project Type High volume customers Regular Customers One off projects
Approach Guaranteed priority time slots Ongoing support Ad-hoc/Emergency
Minimum Time Block Detailed Minutes 1 hour 2 hours
Support SLA Immediately Prioritised ASAP Scheduled
Amends 3 2 1
Hourly Studio Rate £40 £42 £45
Hours Available 25/month 12hrs/month N/A
Ongoing SEO yes no no
Free Managed Hosting yes yes no
Term Ongoing 3 month N/A
Extra Benefit In-house designer
Min Cost/Month £1000/$2000 £500/$1000 N/A
  Up front Monthly Monthly On completion
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