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Reducing update costs

One of the more prohibitive costs to startup and small companies is keeping your website content up to date. It's a real concern when you've invested promotional budget in to a new web site and a trap most companies fall into.

With that in mind we can now offer a very cost effective, fully functional CMS (content management system) console to allow you to keep your website current. There is no need for more expensive CMS solutions - if you can use Microsoft Word you can use this very user friendly WYSWIG (What You See Is What You Get) interface.

It retrofits to any website - designed by us or not. Its managed by you and you can make update as often as you like. The cost is a flat fee (no matter how many pages you site contains). You can also set up multiple users to edit specific pages.

It costs under £9 (or $15) per month gives you total control of your content 24/7.

We can set the CMS up and have it working for you within just a few hours.

Professional content managment doesn't get any better, or easier than that.

Try out DrawnCMS

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